Phoenix Rising is fiercely committed to guiding people to discovering their true life’s purpose,  desire, and connection to Divine Source, making it possible to accomplish one’s dreams and enjoy a meaningful successful life. Being profoundly aware that we are living in a time in which humanity will evolve in such a profound way,  it is imperative to help guide others to manifest the soul’s potential and true identity.  Phoenix teaches that this personal growth is only possible through ultimate self love and healing.

A top 10 Billboard recording artist (aka Nyee Moses ), with twenty five years of study in music and vocal training, has developed a unique sound and vocal transmission that helps to create a platform for chakra opening which creates expansion into our higher realms and balance in the body.

With over a decade of study in Alchemy,  blended with Reiki, Qigong, nutritional and physical training mastery, Phoenix has created a unique blend of heart based technology,  that enables her to guide clients into a powerful self discovery process.

As a certified Hypnotherapist, she is able unlock the power of the subconscious mind, eliciting its fullness to create the total mind body connection.

Working with the Divine Intelligence and the channeling of Arch Angelic light, she helps her clients to release old paradigms, fears and belief patterns that are truly not our own.

Creating a mastery level training for each one of her clients, she works with all energetic bodies and through  guidance of  Metron, the true Soul Architect , she teaches how to once again activate the Human Light Body, rediscovering the sacred geometry that sits in each one of our auric fields, allowing the reawakening of both the Divine feminine and the Divine masculine.

If you are not sure of your true path. If  you suffer from past traumas that are holding you back from achieving happiness, and if you are already on the path of growth and are looking to expand and birth even further into self,  you have come to the right place to experience and accomplish the task of putting yourself back together again, as was intended when we first arrived here, as the unique human beings that we are. The individualized expression of our Soul. The I Am.

Phoenix’s mission is to assist people in developing their internal awareness, heal past wounds and awaken.


I’ve had several Reiki sessions with Phoenix after rotator cuff surgery and the results have been great! During the sessions I can actually feel the healing in my shoulder and it continues after the session! This was my first experience with Reiki and it’s incredible. Phoenix is amazing!
I had a session with Phoenix where she took me through an exercise to meet my inner Wise Guide. This experience has been so monumental and empowering for me. I find more personal meaning in everything that happens and has happened to me. Answers to big questions in my life related to my business and relationships are coming into focus. The ground feels firmer under my feet, my voice feels stronger and more sure and my heart is more open. I lead a much more divine and centered life.
I was in complete panic attack mode and within two minutes of our phone call I was completely relaxed and am still amazed at how our phone call reset my system and I’ve been able to stay positive!


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